Brother Basil & Co.

Named and modelled in honour of the first coffee fanatic in the family, Uncle Basil, Brother Basil Coffee Co have set out to create products in the market that give tribute to the men and women of the past who prefer the simple things in life while enjoying them in a classic and stylish fashion.

They have recently expanded their range to include Flavoured Drinking Chocolates, Matcha Green Tea and Spicy Chai Powders too.

Their focus is less on superfluous packaging and marketing campaigns, and more on sourcing quality ingredients.

Tremendously dedicated toward putting in the time to achieve the perfect roast, flavour profile and blend. Ensuring quality and consistency every single time.

Family owned and operated, The Brotherhood live and breath their coffee. Upon meeting with them we were surprised to know they slept at night! Given the amount of caffeine running through their veins!

At the risk of sounding terribly unoriginal it goes without saying that passion and enthusiasm ooze out of this cozy team of 10 who manage every aspect of the business from manufacturing, product development, R & D, accounts, marketing, sales, taste testers & coffee makers.

Step into their offices on the SE side of Melbourne and you are instantly overwhelmed by all the different old school and new-age machinery on hand, all in honour of creating the perfect cup of coffee.

Family focused and driven by the love of a good blend is exactly what you see behind this Brotherhood. Stop, smell, taste and enjoy.

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Q & A
A word from Amelia Harris, Marketing Director

1) Year it was established and Founders name? 
Brother Basil is a family business established in 2013.  Everyone involved in Brother Basil & Co is an avid (some say obsessed!) coffee lover.  Our founder, Uncle Basil, is the inspiration for the brand as he was the original coffee enthusiast and oozes the unpretentious style and confidence that Brother Basil & Co is known for.

2) How do you take your coffee?
Strong & Black…the way coffee should be.

3) How many cups do you drink per day?
On a normal day, three.  On a tasting day about 300. 

4) What’s your favourite Melbourne café and why?
Would have to be Café TruTrack in North Melbourne

5) Greatest achievement in the business and why?
Opening our offices in Singapore, so we could better serve our South East Asian customers

6) What next for Brother Basil?
World domination!